bae: Come over

me: I can’t

bae: I’m signing a contract

me: image

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Rewatching Young Justice

Almost forgot that Superboy had the following two kinks:

  • Getting knocked around in a sparing Match
  • Getting beat up by Black Canary


the best video on the internet

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Im on the Inoch queue.

Gonna play a healer

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"That Kyon cares about." Hence the problem. He doesn’t really give a shit about too many people, while Battler cares about pretty much everybody. Iunno, a better Umineko crossover would be Psychopass, weird as it sounds. Umineko cast in PP setting.

I never finished that anime. I heard it was good. I should get back on it.

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Thing about Umineko is that it’s a tragedy about a family of 18. Haruhi’s cast couldn’t really do a murder mystery thing where they all end up dead. Hell, the idea of death in Haruhi feels really fucking weird.

That’s true. You would have to bullshit a bunch of people to die that Kyon cares about. Eh, it wasn’t meant to take super seriously.

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What is Remote Island Syndrome? Actual murder mystery already within Haruhi. Not as fantastical as Umineko, but it happened. Snowy Mountain Syndrome was another closer circle, but no murders. Iunno, Umineko and Haruhi don’t seem to mix for me.

I thought that, because those examples, the crossover would be even better.

Of course it makes little sense. Forced crossovers never do.

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